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Emilia Krumm
Emilia Krumm


0408 659 494

Emilia Krumm is a sculptor on the Central Coast of New South Wales. Emilia feels that the basis of her work lies in the interconnectedness of all things. Her works represent snapshots of chapters of her life that were influenced by the world around her and then translated into eclectic, literal and/or figurative interpretations. Emilia’s Italian heritage combined with her African upbringing and life in Australia has had a symbiotic effect on her work. She has found familiar inspirations in all these countries that resonate in natures’ organic shapes and forms. She enjoys experimenting with different mediums, particularly reinforced resin, Stainless steel, copper, ceramic and Perspex. She feels that it is therapeutic to create in three dimensions, to produce artworks that allow one to explore the senses. Emilia has exhibited widely within NSW.

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