Greg Salter

Greg Salter has been making sculpture since 1991. He studied in Newcastle from 1991 to 1993 getting his Diploma in fine art. Greg works for his own business called sometime. doing commercial screen printing and his sculptures.

Manly concentrating on animals in his work , He has been amazed by animals his whole life, from learning to draw to the toys he chose as a child , he had always focused on animals , Growing up in Largs he also enjoyed making what he could from what his dad wasn’t using at the time , His Dad and Pop teaching him how to use tools and tricks to using what was available to make what you needed . This opened his mind into seeing past what something was as you see it. you look at what something was made of, how do you work that material, what shape is it and how can you manipulate it to work for you.

This grew into his use of recycled materials, at art school it was painting on ply wood and using house paint he got from garage sales, mixing his colours from what he had. after his Dad started him on welding he started to teach himself how to join any bits of steel has around, joining thin to thick and blending pieces together thanks to the help of grinders smoothing out his welds. Each new sculpture he made was a lesson in how to make steel look more natural and organic.

Greg Salter is currently working on a group of work using sheep as his subject, His love for Dada art and putting things together that don’t normally belong together and using colour to show fun quirky works.

He would like to work towards a show using this idea.