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Kylie Adele

Kylie Adele was born in Sydney; from an Early age she developed an innate artist creative ability/talent where she bought it into fruition.

At the beginning of her career, Kylie was Nationally award-winning hairstylist and make-up artist.  It was her love of Avon Garde in hair that inspired her to pursue and art degree in fine arts and ceramics in 1995 where she developed her love for clay and sculpture.

Kylie’s exuberant and energetic nature and combined elements of her extensive travel and love of history has inspired her current works where you will see remnants of Renaissance art and Greek Mythology.

Kylie’s juxtaposes elements in her sculptures are nestled between reality and Mythology rather with a splash of surrealism, she focuses on revealing the expressive elements of compositional expression, using clay, fibreglass, and concrete, and is well known for pushing creative boundaries of sculpture for both small and extensively large projects.

Kylie has developed her own visual and inimitable style, which was derived through her interior Design, where she would create her own sculptures for contemporary baroque settings within the Interior Design world, landscapers, and private art consultants.

With utmost proficiency Kylie invites you to a magical, fluid, and inspiring world of history, culture, and expression.

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