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Lynne McNairn

I am a local artist living on the beautiful Fosterton Loop near Dungog. I have worked in textiles needlework, soft sculpture and painting over many years. Since retiring from full time work and moving to Dungog in 2017, I\’ve had more time to experiment with different techniques and materials. The beautiful and productive environment of the Williams Valley is the primary inspiration for my work.

Recent relevant experience

  • 2019 – Won Fibre Art Section of the Dungog Art Prize
  • 2017 to present – Textile artist exhibiting in several Dungog Galleries with mentoring by local artists
  • 1999 to 2014 Cataloguer/Database Administrator, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences working on the object collection
  • 2004 Bachelor of Applied Arts, Information Studies (Librarianship), University of Technology, Sydney

Artists Statement

The legend of the Cornucopia or Horn of Plenty goes back at least as far as Greco-Roman times. It symbolises abundant harvest and riches provided by the good mother earth. My sculpture is based upon the Horn of Plenty. The horn is providing an abundant harvest of beautiful fruits and vegetables but the horn itself is starting to struggle, it is slightly misshapen and a dark red/purple colour. The piece is presented underneath a glass dome reminiscent of the parlour domes of the Victorian era. The parlour dome usually protected an intricate and delicate miniature world often of dried flowers with butterflies or exotic beetles or representations of nature in the finest porcelain. This dome protects my Cornucopia just as our planet needs to be protected and nurtured if it is to continue to provide what we need to survive.

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