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Mauro Badii


I\’m an Argentinean – Australian, Sydney based artist that builds, sculpts, makes music and explores our unseen reality.

My abstract sculpting works are pure personal introspective journeys. Sculptures allow me to deepen concepts and emotions that shape materials while also shaping myself.

I grew up proud of having a renowned sculptor grandfather. From playing in his sculptures to regularly visiting museums, it all felt quite normal and yet very unique.

At age 15 I started playing music and since then I passionately composed and performed with multiple original bands for over another 15 years.

I\’ve been delighted to see my mother\’s transformation into a visual artist in her 50s and I knew that at some point I\’d feel a calling to open my musical creativity to the visual arts.

I started sculpture to connect with my grandfather, who is no longer present, and experience first hand what he felt to sculpt clay, to shape the plaster and let go of the mind. Sculpting quickly became my main passion.

\”This is how it continues. There is no start.\”

Learning through trial and error I found guidance and valuable knowledge in workshops from

“Tom Bass Sculpture Studio” and the “Welding Sculptures at National Art School”.

In my 2 year journey I discovered that there is no beginning to what I do artistically. One thing leads me to the next and there is only doing.

Today I build to feed my pursuit of identity.


  • Clay
  • Plaster
  • Mild
  • Steel
  • Cement
  • Patinas


  • Abstract


  • Tom Bass Sculpture Studio Workshops – since 2020
  • Welding Sculptures at National Art School – 2021

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