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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 110 × 8 × 180 cm
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Installation specialist required. You will be put in contact with the artist to discuss installation requirements.

An installation depicting a comic bunch of native birds perched along the line, passing on their stories with their unique personalities and chattering. Each bird is hand drawn and hand plasma cut.




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Sculpture find success in the fresh county air

Dream became reality when Philippa Graham founded the not-for-profit community focussed Sculpture on the Farm Inc in 2018. Committed to creating projects that build and nurture community, Sculpture on the Farm is dedicated to the participation in and understanding of the arts, for people of all ages.

Sculptors, sightseers, sponsors and sales flourished at "Fosterton", both in 2018, 2019 and again in Sculpture on the farm ONLINE 2021.

Sculpture for Dungog

Discover the sculptural works of six Australian sculptors in the town of Dungog and along the trails and creeks of the Dungog Common.


Sowelu is finding wholeness and completeness within whom we are and how we interact and connect with others.

2021 Jen Mallinson - Sowelu Two - Dungog Common

Sculpture on the farm is committed to the enhancement of the cultural fabric of Dungog and the Hunter Valley for all those who visit.

Through the values of creativity and innovation, which the arts inspire, Sculpture on the farm provides opportunities for sculptors to display and sell their works, and for all those who view them, whether at the farm or ONLINE, the opportunity to grow their understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the arts, in particular sculpture.

Philippa Graham

Chair | Sculpture on the Farm Inc.


After a short walk along Common Creek opposite Gate 4, you will encounter " A Thought is a Ripple" in the Dungong Common made possible by Sculpture on the Farm and Create NSW.

2021 Gavin Vitullo - A Thought is a Ripple - Dungog Common

jimmie rix

Works by Jimmy Rix are exemplars of his sense of humor and his engagement with Australiana

2021 Jimmy Rix - Kelpie - Dungog Visitor Information Center

Bob Teasdale

This represents mankind trying to maintain the environment, growth and sustainability, and how we are bending under the pressure of trying to balance all three.

2019 Bob Teasdale - Entwined Dungog Common

Peter Tilley

Theatre of the Shadow infers an ambiguity between shadow and reflection.

2019 Peter Tilley - Theatre of the Shadow - will be installed within the Dungog Library precinct

Braddon Snape

This work backons one to immerse oneself, to focus one's view of tyhe expansive Australian sky in a moment of isolation. As one projects one's head through the portal one sees Nothin' but Sky

2018 Braddon Snape - Nothin' but Sky - Lioness Park, Dungog

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