Dusty Days in the Saddle


Dimensions 360 × 120 × 180 cm


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The relationship between man and horse, gaining trust between each other. Riding for 12 hours mustering cattle, falling to the ground, only to have Samson put his nose against my face to comfort me.



Sculptor Bio

Sam Anderson

Sam Anderson

Based in Northeast Victoria, Sam Anderson has been sculpting since 2007, exhibiting across NSW and Vic. His works vary from large 8m whale sharks that light up at night, to small delicate seed pods made from recycled pipe and antique wagon rims. Sam often uses the shapes already found in the recycled materials to form a base on which to work from. Sam's works have evolved into a varied collection of animal and abstract sculptures that can now be viewed in his sculpture park, based on his property at Londrigan, near Wangaratta.

From small things big things grew. Silversmithing was the start of my art transition in 2001. From there I became a metal sculptor, producing works for numerous galleries across NSW and Victoria. While taking time out from exhibiting during 2020 and 2021, I decided to develop a sculpture park on my 5 acre block in Londrigan, just outside of Wangaratta. It has been open to the public, with great success and lovely feedback. The sculpture park will eventually be open full time, with events and possible annual art exhibition in the future.

Lake lights illumination award 2019. Sculpture Bermagui Award 2019. Ist place Sculptures at Killalea 2012. To name a few, plus many people's choice awards.

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