Equus – Warrior


Dimensions 66 × 53 × 15 cm




I was inspired by Alexander the Great’s horse, Becuphalus, and have tried to capture the electric energy and spirit of the battle horse.




Sculptor Bio

Peter Lewis

Peter Lewis

Shapes, forms, colours and sounds have stimulated and excited me since early childhood.

As a child, the piano was my passion and I advanced rapidly playing mostly classical music. But I discovered that I was uncomfortable playing to an audience, so I turned to art and sculpture.

I worked in the corporate sector whilst raising a family and art was a passionate hobby. I gave up corporate work at age 55 and became a full time sculptor working in a variety of materials including stone, metals, timber, glass and ceramics. I operate from a home studio on our hobby farm.

1944 I was born in India and grew up in Kolkata where art and sculpture came to me naturally. I won the art prize each year at school and gave away a lot of my artworks to friends and relatives.

1962 I left India at the age of 17 and lived in London for 6 years where I worked in the corporate sector. It is here that I was drawn to modern art and spent a lot of my time after work looking at modern art through books in the libraries and art galleries.

1968 I headed for Sydney at age 24 and attended art classes on board the ship given by Australian artist John Gibb who suggested I attend art school when I got to Sydney. I continued working in the corporate sector, but completed my Diploma in Fine Arts part time. I managed the office interiors and property division which was interesting and challenging work. In the meantime art was a passionate hobby at the time.

1998 I gave up full time corporate work at 54 years to become a full time sculptor and now have a studio on my hobby farm in Castlereagh NSW where I live with my wife, and not far from my 3 daughters and grandchildren.


1st Prize (indoor) Sculpture@Shaw 2022
1st Prize  (indoor) Sculpture Forbes 2014
1st Prize Transfield Holdings 2014
1st Prize Central Coast Arts Festival 2009
1st Prize Willoughby Council 1998
1st Prize RASS, Sydney 1980
1st Prize Diploma of Fine Arts (final year) 1980
3rd Prize RASS, Sydney 2014
Highly commended Mosman Arts Festival 2009
Highly commended RASS, Sydney 2009
Barnes Prize Sculptor’s Society 2009
Acquisitive Free Form Ceramic Prize TAFE NSW 2010
Acquisitive Free Form Ceramic Prize TAFE NSW 2009
Highly commended Central Coast Arts Festival 2005
Highly commended Sculptors Society 2003

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