Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 65 cm
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Pack and send. Place and enjoy.

Inspired by the weather this sculpture takes the impact erosion of sandstone cliffs on the coast into the bush and creating the Burl Tafoni.




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Sculptor Bio

Colin Tapping

Colin Tapping

Originally from New Zealand now an emerging wood sculptor on the Central Coast of NSW where I have lived for many years. I have been creating sculptures in wood for a few years and have not undertaken any formal art or sculpture training.

Predominantly I work with found wood from the forest and surrounds choosing my raw stock on the potential I can see and how it inspires me. There is no preconceived design with each sculpture, how I imagine a piece does not allways translate as the design I must follow, making it an everchanging process and on occasion surpising. For the majority of my works I try to develop each sculpture without imposing external influences on the form, this can be an ongoing battle of restraint not to have any one thing represented. I believe this is the key to creating a sculpture that is individual, never duplicated and open to so many different interpretations.

  • Gosford Art prize finalist 2018
  • Gosford Art Prize Finalist 2019
  • Nothern beaches Art Prize Finalist 2019
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