General Assembly Resolution 217A | 2021


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General Assembly consists of a number of handmade grey ceramic stoneware plates with white slip; each plate is inscribed with one of the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948).
This work asks questions about the significance of inaction of the individual in society. Plates are mounted on a gallery wall in formation spelling the Persian word for love (Eshgh) and the remaining plates are placed horizontally outlining an exclamation mark.



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Delivery advice for purchasers: Sculptor delivery with conditions dependant upon destination. Installation Advice For purchasers: Place and enjoy


Sculptor Bio

Mojgan Habibi

Mojgan Habibi

I am Dr. Mojgan Habibi, a conceptual installation artist. In my artistic practice, I draw inspiration from poetry, mythology, nature, and history to invite my audience to contemplate the significance of individual participation in contemporary public life. Through my sculptural forms and installations, I aim to portray the journey of everyday existence, influenced by both sensory experiences and intellectual contemplation, towards beauty and spiritual harmony. I believe that within this journey, a meaningful dialogue can emerge, bridging civilizations, cultures, and diverse perspectives.

I was born in Tehran, Iran in 1978, and in 2005, I embarked on a new chapter of my life by moving to Australia. Since 2014, the Hunter Region has been my home, where I have found both inspiration and a platform to teach and share the beauty of art. During this time, I have dedicated myself to nurturing artistic talent and fostering creativity in others. In 2018, I successfully completed my PhD at The University of Newcastle. This accomplishment has further fueled my passion for art and deepened my understanding of its transformative power. I continue to explore new artistic horizons and engage with the vibrant art community of the Hunter Region, as I strive to make a lasting impact through my work.

My works delve into themes of hope and transformation, exploring the transformative power of art and the potential for personal and societal change. I firmly believe that every human being has the capacity to contribute to public life, even if that participation exists solely in the realm of imagination. The mere awareness of the possibility of participation itself becomes a political action.

Over the years, my practice has evolved and developed, guided by a deep commitment to fostering awareness, engaging in critical discourse, and inspiring a sense of shared responsibility. I continually seek to push the boundaries of artistic expression, using various mediums and forms to create thought-provoking installations that encourage introspection and dialogue.

Through my art, I aspire to create spaces where viewers can reflect on their role within the larger social fabric and envision a more inclusive and harmonious future. By intertwining aesthetics, symbolism, and the power of imagination, I strive to inspire meaningful connections and transformative experiences for both myself and my audience.

The process of covering a non-porcelain clay object with white slip is a traditional method for making imitation porcelain and in this work, the use of white slip to cover grey clay becomes a metaphor for the unrealised ideals of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The choice of clay dinner plates provides a reference to the history of human civilisation and allows the work to be read from different cultural perspectives.


2018 PhD (Fine Art), Newcastle University, NSW
2012 Master of Fine Art (with Distinction), RMIT, Melbourne
2010 Bachelor of Fine Arts, RMIT, Melbourne
2008 Certificate III in Arts Administration, Box Hill TAFE, Melbourne
2008 Diploma of Art, Box Hill TAFE, Melbourne
1999 Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design, UAST, Tehran

Awards, Grants and Commissions

2021 Commissioned by Local connection, University of Newcastle
2020 Commissioned by The Lock-Up gallery, Newcastle
2020 Commission for public art by Mavid group in Medowie, NSW
2019 NAVA NSW Artist Grant
2014 Commended sculpture for Newcastle emerging artist prize, NAS, Newcastle
2013 From Darkness into Light art prize exhibition, Melbourne (First Prize)
2009 MDA Award for Outstanding Practitioner in Ceramics, Box Hill TAFE, Melbourne

Solo Exhibitions

2019 “Incursions of Hope”, Adamstown Arts, Newcastle
“First supper”, The Creator Incubator gallery, Newcastle
“In darkness, the banner did shine like a sun, and gave warmth and hope to the hearts of all people”, Firstdraft Gallery, Sydney
2018 “Behind the Words”, The University Gallery, University of Newcastle
2016 “The Echo of Words”, Acrux Gallery, Newcastle
2014 “Light Gatherers”, Watt Space Gallery, Newcastle
2014 “Behind the Curtain”, Chapel on Station Gallery, Melbourne
2012 “Spiritual transformation”, First Site Gallery, Melbourne

Group Exhibitions

2021 “Ordinary Intricacies”, Watt Space Gallery, Newcastle
“A Range Of Views”, BOLTspace gallery, Maitland
2020 “Dancing with the dead”, The Lock-up Gallery, Newcastle
2019 “Speak softly, tread heavily”, Peacock Gallery, Sydney
“The subtle Art of Defiance”, Cross Arts Projects gallery, Sydney
2018 “Just Art”, Law Society of NSW, Sydney
2016 “Form, Surface”, Structure Sculpture, Kerrie Lowe Gallery, Sydney
“University Gallery Student Acquisitive Prize”, Newcastle (finalist)
“Theatrics”, Curve Gallery, Newcastle
“The Ripple Effect”, Back to Back Gallery, Newcastle“Norouz”, Stirrup Gallery, Sydney
2015 “Four Persian Garden”, Isfahan Contemporary museum, Isfahan

“Art: An Invitation to Wonder”, Chapel on Station Gallery, Melbourne
“One Door Close”, Watt Space Gallery, Newcastle
“We Get by 2015”, Cooks Hill Art Gallery, Newcastle
2014 “Newcastle emerging artist prize”, NAS, Newcastle (finalist)
“Sculpture in the Vineyards”, Wollombi (finalist)
“Craft NSW Emerging Artist – Craft Award”, Sydney (finalist) “Bloom”, Watt Space Gallery, Newcastle
2013 “Clunes Ceramic Award”, Melbourne (finalist)
“From Darkness into Light art prize exhibition”, Melbourne (finalist)
“Sculpture in the Vineyards exhibition”, Wollombi (finalist)
“Small: Believe in Magic”, Back to Back Gallery, Newcastle
“The ninth Annual Toyota Community”, Spirit Gallery, Melbourne
2012 “Online Director's Cut Exhibition”, The Blake Society’s website, (finalist)
“RMIT Master of Fine arts graduate exhibition”, Gossard Gallery, Melbourne
“Interpretations of Intimacy”, Open Space Gallery, Melbourne
“New Ceramics”, Subject matter Gallery, Melbourne
2010 “Linden Postcard Show”, Melbourne
2009 “Ceramic Exhibition”, Carbon Black Gallery, Melbourne
2008 “Fire & Water”, Pardis Gallery, Tehran University, Kish Island, Iran
“Edge”, Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Melbourne
2007 “Box Hill TAFE Graduate Exhibition”, Meat Market Gallery, Melbourne
“Pat Emery Award Exhibition”, Paynter Gallery, Bendigo

2019 Resident artist at Waverley Artist Studios, NSW Redgate, China
Hill end, NSW
2013 Newington Armory at Sydney Olympic Park, NSW

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