here THERE and the space in between


Weight 177 kg
Dimensions 280 × 20 × 140 cm
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here is hardwood with internal metal members, it’s built to last. THERE is sheet metal 3mm thick., here needs road base/cement/pavers level strip 2.5 metres x 20 cm. wide, again held in place with star pickets and metal between the letters, photos should show you how., I have 50 km winds here all is still standing, Letters for here approx. 30 kg each., THERE is held in place bolted to 2 star pickets, THERE weighs 67kg, Truck or trailer. Place and enjoy., Two men can handle it.

Would you rather be there or here? Lamenting being there or in the here and now. And what of the space in between- the journey between here and THERE.
Looks great along fence line.




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Sculptor Bio

David Stott

David Stott

A few years ago I moved to Dungog, this provided me with a large yard, garage and shed to expand and store materials, ideal for the collection and to work on a larger scale. Employed in the maintenance field this has enabled me to try different processes, use different tools and grow my practical skills.

So I have no formal arts training but last year I enrolled part time at Newcastle Uni for a fine arts degree.

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