Lotus Shoes- Ming Blue


Dimensions 13 × 14 × 19 cm



Sinan Revell creates works in a variety of media -photography, painting, encaustics and ceramics. She has exhibited in Los Angeles, Sydney, New York, Thailand and Japan.




Sculptor Bio

Sinan Revell

Sinan Revell

Australian artist Sinan Revell grew up in her family's Chinese restaurant in Newcastle. The Sydney University graduate went on into a career in the performing arts and as a vocalist with an industrial band in London. After moving to Los Angeles, Sinan returned to fine art practices.

"My formative influences have had a lasting effect on recurring themes of identity, gender, the Asian diaspora as well as conceptual art. I have been working with ceramic shoes for fifteen years and still find them fascinating."
As a member of The Sculptors Society, I enjoyed exhibiting shoe themed sculptures at the Incinerator Gallery and also, at Harbour Sculpture ( 2017 ) and Wald Studio (Japan. 2018 )

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