Love Connections


Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 32 × 18 × 40 cm
Catalogue number









Pack and send. Place and enjoy.

The sculpture is about the strength of the mother-child relationship. Parenting can be both a tug’o’war and a dance of love, but no matter how much the bond is stretched and tested, it won’t break.




Sculptor Bio

Artist Biography

Art opens our eyes to see and our brain to imagine.

“I love writing and poetry, and so I like to create poetry in my sculpture. Concept sculpture is more highly regarded today but I like to create my sculpture in the same manner many painters create their paintings - to create for creation’s sake, not for the sake of politics.”

Through many distracting career paths, in film-making, photography and graphic design, Amanda Harrison has constantly returned to her first true love, sculpture.

Inevitably, it knocked so incessantly and loudly that in 2005, she opened the door and finally embraced her life-long passion.

Figures have always been her focus. How to translate the human figure into a sculptural form fascinates her. Themes of life, love, joy, celebration, strength, defiance and resilience are common threads in her work. Her sculptures seek to be thought-provoking by exploring messages of survival and hope. Balance and harmony is an essential part of her work as well, and Harrison often rests her metal figures on a single point, giving lightness, bouyancy and energy to her work.

Harrison gained a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Diploma of Graphic Design in Sydney Australia, and a Certificate in Sculpture at the Kensington and Chelsea College, London.

She has also gained knowledge through intensive workshops and TAFE courses and working alongside well-known artists.

Amanda has exhibited widely, been accepted into numerous competitions and has won many prizes. She is a committee member of The Sculptors Society, and a member of the Australian Ceramics Association, the Workshop Arts Centre and is the convenor of the annual Greenwich Village Arts Trail in Sydney.

"To conceive and create something from within and through myself is to create a feeling of joy. My sculptures are, each one, my babies and I love it when they find a good home.”

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