Molly and Rex


Dimensions 10 × 18 × 10 cm



Two Dashhounds on the move. Now they have each other. Love at first sight.




Sculptor Bio

Sandra Jones

Sandra Jones

Sandra has a vast knowledge in Art. She began practicing art in 1978, whilst studying at Gymea TAFE to learn more about art practice and to become more qualified.

Securing an Art Certificate Degree and later she went on to study at the University College of NSW Fine Arts where she trained to become a qualified teacher with a Bachelor of Education Degree. Later a Diploma was awarded whilst studying over three years on the subject of Renaissance Art at the NSW Art Gallery.

From the start date in 1978 Sandra has been prolific as a practicing artist. She has exhibited her work in many exhibitions, solo and also collaborative exhibitions.

Open Studio exhibitions were a great success during the three years between 2010 till 2012

Sandra has now an extensive collection of art work, paintings, pastels and ceramic ready to sell.

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