Dimensions 44 × 28 × 21 cm





Raku fired on earthenware clay, this sculpture of a torso primitively fired takes on the colour of the land. Raku gives it the crackle as well as the black reduced areas.



Sculptor Bio

Feyona was born in Hong Kong and has lived and worked in Hong Kong, America, China and Australia.
Received a Diploma in Fine Arts and won the Sculpture prize at Seaforth College of Fine Arts, Sydney in 1994.

Feyona has been exhibiting since 1990 in galleries and regional exhibitions as well as many charity and art auctions and art fairs in major cities in Australia and the USA.

Artworks are in collections in America, South America, Canada, Europe and the UK, in China and Japan as well as in Australia, New Zealand and Africa.

President of The Sculptors Society of NSW since 2010, and Vice president for 3 years prior to that. Feyona organises the Sculptors Society exhibitions and exhibits in most of TSS exhibitions.

Has been a Director at Project 504 Art Centre in St Leonard's, North Sydney, NSW.

She exhibited her sculptures from 2005 at SOFA, NEW YORK (The International exhibition of Sculptures, Objects and Functional Art) for 7 years and has also exhibited at SOFA, Chicago and at Art Palm Beach, USA.
Feyona has exhibited at Muse gallery in Columbus, Ohio, Salishan Gallery in Portland, Oregon, and Show of Hands in Philadelphia, USA.
Also has exhibited with several galleries in Sydney, including Mu gallery, and in NSW, in group and solo shows, and in Perth.

In Sydney, Feyona owned The Art Gallery at Whale beach for 3 years, and gallery41 in Woolloomooloo for 6 years. This is now a virtual gallery.

Feyona exhibits with MU gallery in Mosman and with Manyung gallery in Mt Eliza, Victoria.

Feyona loves to draw, paint and sculpt the human body and is also interested in colours and abstract painting - and the way colours make us feel. Her clay and bronze bodies are always a celebration of the human form and the body’s movement. Feyona loves primitive wood firings – wood, pit, raku, black and dustbin - and the results she achieves with them. The experiment is continual, and the ideas are always changing.

In 2015 Feyona was very excited to have been invited to join a Symposium in China (Changsha, Hunan) and built a 3 meter high Sculpture, which was cast in bronze, and is exhibited with 26 other artists’ sculptures, in a park. One of three parks, especially built for the works, and the 8 million people in the city, and will remain in Changsha International Wetlands Sculpture Park for many years.

Feyona has exhibited her works in Manora gallery in Bangalore, India in March 2017 – works especially made as homage to the Ajanta cave drawings and sculptures of the Buddhas entourage, made 2 to 4,000 years ago.

Invited to be part of the Harboursculpture committee 2017 - another challenge, and exhibit at this Woolwich park sculpture exhibition.

Feyona has judged the Sculpture prize at Crookwell Sculpture, Willowtree in the Village 2016 and 2017

And Feyona has opened several group exhibitions including Michael Vaynman’s sculpture exhibition in Gosford,
An exhibition at Tom Bass Sculpture School
And the Sculpture prize at gallery 504 in Northbridge

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