The Family Sloe – 5

Dimensions 100 × 100 × 10 cm


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Looking in the garden early one morning I observed some snails “hurrying” to their hiding place out of the hot sun.

CorTen Steel



Sculptor Bio

Bob Teasdale

Bob Teasdale

I have a background in structural steel fabrication, which has evolved into creating sculptures from discarded old scrap and new steel. I use old farm machinery in some sculptures, creating sentimental historical pieces. Recently I have been working with CorTen steel, to create more contemporary stylised sculptures.

I have been entering exhibitions in regional NSW, as well as Woolwich Sydney, for a few years. I have no formal training in art, but like to create sculptures that I find pleasing to the eye. I have won 2 awards and frequently sell pieces submitted to exhibitions and to interstate buyers.

My sculptures are in private collections in Queensland, New South Wales and the ACT,ß as well as being in public displays in NSW.

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