The Next Generation


Dimensions 170 × 60 × 220 cm



Catalogue number


The Next Generation depicts the continuous life cycle from a Mother to Offspring.



Sculptor Bio

I have always have had an interest in all forms of art and being a boilermaker by trade I decided to explore my creative mind to create unique pieces of art from scrap metal .  Whilst I do not have any tertiary qualifications, I do have 32 years of experience in the steel fabrication field.   I have been using these skills over the last three years to express my artistic desire and creativity into three dimensional sculptures.

The main tools I use to sculpt are a mig welder, an anvil, a grinder and an oxy acetylene torch. I also add colour and patina to my pieces by the use of heat and or basic household vinegar, salt and water to give a rusted effect.

My goal as an artist is to make people appreciate the simple, neglected resources from which my creations are born.

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