The Next Generation


Dimensions 170 × 60 × 220 cm



Catalogue number


The Next Generation depicts the continuous life cycle from a Mother to Offspring.




Sculptor Bio

Rod Buckland

Rod Buckland

I started sculpting in 2016 mainly using scrap metal, a MIG welder and an oxy torch. I incorporate old tools, farm machinery, timber and occasionally other mediums to create unique one off pieces of sculpture. I have developed my Sculpting style over the years by finding unique shapes that mimic nature whether they are lying in a scrap heap or items listed on the market place as my inspiration and ideas.

I am a born and bred local from Toowoomba Queensland. I discovered my passion for making sculptures back in 2016 when my mother Robyn, who is an avid frog collector, asked me if he could make her a steel frog.

The project was put into motion in my backyard shed.  I am a Boilermaker by trade and downed tools some 18 years ago and took up an office-based role in the structural steel industry.

I mainly make one off pieces of art mainly from scrap metal and I try to incorporate a personal part in every sculpture whether it be an old spanner or a piece of machinery that has a family connection both physically and spiritually.

Making sculptures on the weekend gives myself great solace and therapy to escape the modern fast paced world we live in today.

I believe uniqueness is the key to all art and every piece I create has a small piece of my heart and soul and hopefully a great conversation subject at family gatherings or events.

My goal as an artist is to make people appreciate the simple, neglected resources we dispose of by turning them into unique pieces that can be spoken about and handed down through the generations.


August 2022 Sculptures of The Outback Acquisition Prize for " The Seat of Knowledge". January 2023 Private commission " The Allawah Seat ". June 2023 Australia Pacific LNG and Origin Energy Acquisitive Open Prize in Sculptures of the Outback "The Fossicker"

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