The Wave


Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 17 × 300 × 8 cm
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It is stoneware but fired to earthenware temperatures to maintain the colour., Readily transported in a crate 40cm cubed. Work is not fragile but needs to be handled carefully

Water ebbs and flows. It falls and coils and pools.
My aim was to create the effect of the constant shifting water – reinventing of the dance of water itself – without anything actively moving.




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Sculptor Bio

Kay Pittelkow

Kay Pittelkow

Kay, educated as a scientist, worked with medical devices: heart pacemakers, bone growth stimulators, ear implants and lastly and most challenging, the Victor Change artificial heart. All through her professional life, Kay has maintained a vivid interest in the arts and developed skill and knowledge through the Sydney college of the Arts and workshops run by international artists.

During this period, she carved sculptures designed for the urban landscape but later focussed on art jewellery - still with a sculptural element.

In 2018 she returned to her love of sculpture mentoring under a local Newcastle sculptor and began entering regional shows (see below).

Her residential scaled sculpture continues to be sold from her market stall (StudioKY) in the Hunter and Newcastle regions.

Exhibitions, sales and prizes

  • Belves, Dordogne, France.2017.
    Installation piece of 11 figures in synthetic clay: sold.
  • Morriset show 2019
    The Hand (ceramic sculpture): First prize
    Sculptural Necklace (synthetic clay): Third prize:
  • Dobell Art and Craft festival 2019
    Totem (ceramic sculpture): Highly Commended
    Sculptural Necklace (synthetic resin): Highly Commended)
  • Newcastle Emerging Artist Exhibition 2019
    “The gossips”, an 8 piece ceramic sculpture
  • Morisset Show 2020
    Sculptural Bracelet (Synthetic clay): First Prize
    Sculpture (ceramic): Highly Commended
  • MAC – Reconnected and Recovery exhibition 2020
    Ceramic 3 part sculpture of hands – sold.
  • Back to Back Galleries: Exhibition “Black and white with a touch of red”. 2021.
    “God creating Adam” (ceramic sculpture in 3 parts)
  • Dobell Festival of Arts and Crafts. 2021
    “Four kids on a log”, Ceramic sculpture. First Prize. Sold
  • Hunter Wetlands: Exhibition. “Unfurl: Inking and Sculpturing the Wetlands”.2021
    “Fronds”, Sculpture (ceramic and synthetic clay). Sold.
    “Sundew”, Sculpture (Ceramic and recycled soft drink bottle)
  • Hunter Artisan Gallery and Café: exhibition “Not Everyone likes Watercolour Flowers”. 2021
    Ceramic sculptures representing the darker side of art.
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