Three Bag Shelf | 2019


Delivery advice for purchasers: Pack and Send. Installation Advice For purchasers: Place and enjoy

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Dimensions 13.5 × 10 × 22 cm
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Metal, Timber





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Three delicate miniature bags are in the shape of generic bags.
Copper has been manipulated and coated with vitreous enamel colours. Black cupric oxide, formed on the copper during kiln firing, enlivens their appearance.
The bags are constructed from thin copper to resemble paper. Arranged on a lightweight wooden shelf, they are permanently fixed for protection.

Do not squeeze the bags of thin copper and vitreous enamel ie form of glass, which is a durable surface and may be wiped.



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Delivery advice for purchasers: Pack and Send. Installation Advice For purchasers: Place and enjoy


Sculptor Bio

Sally Aplin

Sally Aplin

In the early 1970's I studied oil painting. Next I was drawn to possibilities of vitreous enamelling on copper for creating assemblages. This led me to pursue sculpture during study for a fine art degree in Bristol and was followed by creating installations for a masters degree at University of Wales, Cardiff. Drawing has been my constant medium throughout, including in enamel. I taught at art school in Bristol for many years and continue to teach here in Sydney.

I was born in Surrey, UK in 1939, travelling overland to Australia in 1961. I finally settled in Bristol with my husband in 1966, had 2 children and studied at Art School in Bristol and Cardiff. I love teaching and taught at School of Art in Bristol until returning to Australia, my husband's home in 2001. I have a large studio under my house containing several enamelling kilns and a vast collection of vitreous enamel colours.


1989 prize-winner International Enamel Biennale, Laval, Canada.  1996 Prizewinner 2nd National. Sculpture Exhibition, Royal West of England Academy. U1992 Solo Invited, Art in the Cathedral, Bristol 1998 Solo invited, School House Gallery, Building of Bath Museum. 2000 Solo awarded, Morley Gallery, Westminster Bridge Road, London.  2006 Solo, Willoughby City Council, Sydney. 2010 Juried 10th International enamel, Oakland, California.  2012 Invited, Lion Gate Lodge, Botanic Gardens, Sydney.  2013 Sculpture in the Vineyards, Wollombi Valley.  2013 Juried International Enamellists Society,   Kentucky USA. 2013 Finalist North Sydney Art Prize, Coal Loader.  2014 Invited "Home Grown", Willoughby Council curated.  2016 Commission to create large enamel on steel wall panel for outside. To compliment a new house in Cremorne   2016 50th International Japan Enamelling Artist Association, Tokyo.  2018 Invited "Home Grown" Willoughby City Council.   2019 Finalist, North Sydney Art Prize. 2020 Invited "Retracing" Willoughby City Council curated.  2021 Invited "homeward Bound" North Sydney Council, Coal Loader.

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