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This torso is almost abstract – my travels around Turkey and Greece – in museums were works that had been ‘aged’ by weather. Only a curve of a shoulder or breast let you see what the artist intended.




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Sculptor Bio

Feyona Van Stom

Feyona Van Stom

Drawing and painting where I started. Egon Scheile's artworks - angular hands - stretching fingers, fascinating. He took colours and muted them. Shades of personality peeked through. I see people differently, make them my way. I want movement - even unnatural movement. We are what we want to be. Large, small, bright, dark. My ladies dance, walk, move, twist. No two alike.

China - a huge step, amazing honour, sculpting 3 metres tall, faces watching. Positive feedback. Translating to people who once were my people. Feeling part of a huge population. Artists and artworks. Never stop. Never want to stop.

Art Journey 

Born in Hong Kong, BCC - Dutch and Scottish parents - in 1951.
Chinese painting classes from 1965
Started Art journey in 1972 in New York state
Drawing, Painting, Quilting, Knitting.
1991 Seaforth College of Fine Arts- Art Course for 4 years
Live in Mosman, (Borogegal Cammeraigal) NSW where I live and work.
My studio is inevitably in my home - I like to have my people around me. Ideas are everywhere.
I have worked in studios, and the ideas are slightly different - but all I need is my hands and the clay.


1993 -1st prize for Sculpture at Seaforth College fine arts

2006 - 2010 'SOFA' New York and Chicago  for 5 years

2011 until present day - President of The Sculptors Society

2015 'Culture Sculpture Art Festival', Changsha Hunan Province, China -Invitation exhibition for 27 sculptors worldwide built 27 works each built 3+ metre tall sculpture

2017 'Revisited', Gallery Manora, in Bangalore, India- solo exhibition of 45 Sculptures

2022 North Sydney Art Prize - 45 heads on exhibition

Received Awards for sculpture and painting

Received Prizes for Sculpture

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