Testimonial 37

Thank you again for organising such a wonderful event. I hope it happens again next year.

Testimonial 36

Thank you for all your efforts for the Sculptors and Sculpture.

Not just for the sculptors and sculpture, but also for the town and its people, with visitors and all they bring to Dungog, but for the time and work that YOU and JOHN personally put into the whole weekend. Congratulations!

Testimonial 35

…RFS  enthused at length about not only their personal reaction to SOF but the chats they had with people exiting. She says there were no negative comments at all. Some people compared it to Sculpture by the Sea and said it was equally good – so we are right up there! She also said that people were appreciative that the Festival was on the same weekend, but that SOF was the lead event!!! All in all she could not have been more positive or enthusiastic.

Testimonial 34

Sculpture on the Farm was a splendid event for the Arts, here in our Valley.

Testimonial 33

So very pleased for your hard-working Committee Philippa as it was such success & I am still hearing comments on what a great success the sculpture on the farm was.

Testimonial 32

I wanted to tell you what a great time Feisal and I both had visiting your wonderful exhibition on your farm.  It was the highlight of our trip and eagerly awaited.  You must be congratulated…you and your family and all your helpers…..for the huge amount of effort and attention you gave to making this event so special.  I could see you were enjoying the result and certainly the community and all your visitors were in an exceptionally happy place.  It was very well organised.  We had the helpers out the front directing traffic.  On arrival we were guided into the opposite paddock and asked to park our large motorhome next to the buses.  So easy and convenient for us.  Feyona met us and stayed with us over lunch and viewing the artworks.  She showed us the place she stayed in and I was very impressed by everything you’ve achieved at your beautiful farm.  Even the portaloo was stunning and unexpected!  I took photos.

I had a feeling everyone was exploring Dungog as the town looked very active.

We found the exhibition wonderful and the number of our member’s artworks around very exciting to see.  All the sculptures were interesting and well spaced around the farm.
Feyona met us and we stayed together for lunch and looked around more of the farm.

I saw a lot of very happy visitors enjoying wandering around.  It’s good to know the sales were significant too after all the preparation that went into this event.  Did you ever see such luxurious portaloos before?  We were very impressed with them.

Testimonial 31

Just a brief note to say how much I enjoyed Sculpture on the Farm. The range of works was wonderful, the curation and garden/farm setting enlivened the works and it was so interesting to read what the sculptors had to say about their work.

Congratulations on an organisational phenomenon and a great success!!!

Thank you  for the  chance to help make the sculptures on the farm a success , congratulations  to the graham family and committee for making  all things run so smoothly  and to be such a success . It takes a lot of work , we were very lucky with the weather  now we are getting beautiful rain , I am sure you are already planning next year.

Testimonial 30

I hear your sculpture weekend was a wonderful success.  Congratulations – I can only imagine the amount of work that went into such a venture.  Nick and I were booked to come but Nick had to go overseas at the last minute – I am very disappointed to have missed out.

Please let us know when you know the date of the next Dungog Sculpture Weekend!

Testimonial 29

… loved the experience and especially Pennie’s tour.

Congrats to her too.

Testimonial 28

Thank you for this lovely email.

I was very proud to be a fully paid up member of “Sculpture on the Farm”.

Congratulations. You made us look good because you were so organised and the venue was perfect, with an amazing garden and a home that accommodated everyone’s needs.

It was very rewarding to be part of the team.

I do however have an unused RSA card here, going cheaply!

Looking forward to the next episode