Hic Sunt Dracones | 2023


Delivery advice for purchasers: Pack and Send. Installation Advice For purchasers: Place and enjoy

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Dimensions 40 × 40 × 109 cm
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‘Hic Sunt Dracones’ is fully poseable and (gently) washable. It has an aluminium and millinery wire armature overlaid with quilt batting and polyfill. The yarns are a mix of natural and synthetic fibres and the eyes are acrylic safety eyes.
Here be dragons – as yet uncategorised, and without a Latin name. Like cats, images of introduced European and Asian dragons seem to pop up everywhere. And then there are iconic Australian fauna like the bunyip and yowie. But what if draconic convergent evolution produced a wyrm who still hides in our forests? Something like perhaps, a frill-necked, rainbow-coloured wyvern whose primordial ancestors were goanna-precursors? And what better technique to use for this beastie than crochet!





Delivery advice for purchasers: Pack and Send. Installation Advice For purchasers: Place and enjoy


Sculptor Bio

Lisa Wiseman

Lisa Wiseman

I live at Main Creek, on a farm with my horses and dogs, and work in a variety of two and three dimensional media. The connecting thread is my appreciation for the incongruous, odd or strange discovered in my life and surroundings, which I often explore with loud, vivid colour palettes and unusual subjects. I adore finding and pointing out the weirdness in things both little and large- my wild, whimsical crochet hats are prime examples!

I have lived and worked at Main Creek, near Dungog for nearly 30 years, but I was born in Kyogle in 1963. I left there as a baby and have lived almost my entire life in the Hunter, mostly in rural areas with my horses, but I also spent some time in Newcastle, at high school and while studying Art at TAFE in the 1980’s.

Since then I have exhibited paintings, mixed media works on paper, and sculptures at galleries, agricultural shows and later, online.

I work in a variety of media, but there is a consistent theme throughout, relating to my environment- the people, animals and countryside of the Dungog Shire.

Prizes and Awards

1990 onwards- Champions and awards in Fine Arts sections at Dungog, Stroud, Gresford, Gloucester ag shows. Placings at Sydney Royal show in Crochet classes. Awards in textiles and sculpture section Dungog Arts Society Annual Exhibitions.
2005 onwards- etsy shop and e-commerce website with hundreds of sales, all 5 star reviews
2010 onwards- exhibited at Dungog Arts Society and Newcastle Arts Society, Timeless Textiles,  solo and group shows. Art Bazaar stall holder.
2013-2019- owner of Cerublu Studio, a local gallery showing art and craft works by Hunter Valley artists and artisans, including my own work.


1987 onwards- many commissions in a variety of media, including intricate wearables for the (a US based yarn producer) shown on the runway of the Crochet Guild of America shows.
Commissions for paintings, wearables and 3D works for buyers all over the world via online sales.
December 2022- Exhibition of 3D crochet works at Gallery on Dowling, with AUH Micro Grant funding
March 2023- showed and sold painted T Shirts at the Tshirt exhibition at the Creator Incubator Newcastle
May 2023- employed by Scone Horse Week committee to do caricatures of humans as horses at the Picnic by the Lake
Currently one of the Liddell WORKS Project Artists in residence, making 3D textile works in crochet towards a group exhibition at Muswellbrook Regional Gallery in 2024

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