Teal Shells | 2022


Delivery advice for purchasers: Truck or trailer. Installation Advice For purchasers: Place and enjoy

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 28 × 28 × 28 cm
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Teal Shells is a work about the need to preserve our oceans. The sphere representing a world that we do not fully realise in our oceans but something that is extremely important in our existence on planet earth. We need to respect the power of our oceans and look after what we have.





Delivery advice for purchasers: Truck or trailer. Installation Advice For purchasers: Place and enjoy


Sculptor Bio

Joseph Turrin

Joseph Turrin

"Teal Shells” emphasises the urgency to preserve our oceans. The artwork portrays the oceans as a sphere, symbolising the vast and undiscovered world beneath the surface, which holds immense significance in sustaining life on planet Earth. It serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of our oceans in our existence.

The piece advocates for a deeper understanding and appreciation of the oceans' power and influence on our lives. It calls for responsible stewardship and the need to safeguard this precious resource that we currently take for granted.

Hand built using clay, the shells collected and moulded from Stockton beach.

Turrin is a Eora/Sydney based artist working predominantly in the medium of clay. Turin was awarded the Royal Doulton & UNSW Art & Design Award for 2016. Turin grew up in Dungog where he became interested in art and design at a young age through the work of his mother and father who owned the local antiques and homewares business. Surrounded by beautiful pieces of art and very creative parents this definitely rubbed off.

Turrin came to the medium of clay during his studies at the College of Fine Arts at the University of New South Wales. Clay provides endless possibilities to explore texture and form and this is what Turin loves. Most of his work is an exploration of the material process with each repetitive mark highlighting the use of the hand in the making of ceramics. His practice is heavily inspired by nature and the history of ceramics.


2023 - Michael Reid Clay - Newport Northern Beaches - Group show
2023 - CeramiXR - Comber St Studios - Paddington Group Show
2023 - TILED - Pepite Shop - Melbourne Design Week -group show
2023 - Out of State- Compendium Gallery -Group Show
2023 - Friends of DEA - group show DEA Store East, Redfern
2023 - Blooming -  Water Through Reeds gallery -Bungendore, NSW
2022- Turrin Tindal - Group Show - M2 Gallery- Surry Hills
2022- A Gentle Unwinding- Modern Times - Naarm/ Melbourne  - group exhibition
2022 - NGV Design Store - Picasso Century - Commission for shop
2022 - M2 gallery, Surry Hills TURRIN TINDAL - Group Show
2022- Turrin Tindal - Group show -Comber St Studios Paddington
2022 - Ceramics and Emotions -Comber St Studios Paddington - Group Show
2022 - Raft Arts Space Northern Territory - We are Kiln.it Group Show
2022 You Crack Me Up -egg cup group show online -kil.n.it
2021- Greenway Art Prize Finalist - lnner West Council 2021 - Kiln.it Group show Pots Spring Eternal - Spring online exhibition - Sydney Craft Week
2020 - Paramount House Hotel x Kiln.it × Art Month Sydney exhibition
2020 - KiLn.it Group show - COVID Soapies - online 2019 -Collector's Space × Kiln.it Art Month Sydney -541 Art Space, Sydney
2018 - Little Things Art Prize Finalist Exhibition Saint Cloche Gallery - Paddington, Sydney
2018 - Kerrie Lowe Gallery - A Fresh Perspective, Invitational group show, Newtown. Sydney 2018 - Kerrie Lowe Gallery - WaterMark, Invitational group show, Newtown, Sydney

2018 - Gaffa Gallery - Oomph! Graduate Exhibition, invitational group show. Sydney CBD
2017 - UNSW Art & Design Annual - UNSW/ Galleries, Paddington, Sydney
2016 - Objects of Influence - UNSW Art & Design AD Space, Paddington, Sydney


2021 - Winner inaugural Bluethumb, Art Prize - Sculpture - Cash Prize
2016 - Winner- Royal Doulton & UNSW Art & Design Award-Integrated Project Finalist Exhibition, Paddington, Sydney - Award was 1 month internship at Wedgwood factory UK to learn from their global design team.

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