About Us


Sculpture on the Farm Inc. has a mission to engage with sculptors, the local Dungog community and the wider public to encourage participation in and understanding of the arts, in particular sculpture.

As a not-for-profit organisation Sculpture on the Farm is committed to making a lasting contribution to the Dungog community. Following each exhibition Sculpture on the Farm donates sculpture for public display to Dungog for the enjoyment of the community and visitors to our region.

Following the Sculpture on the Farm 2018 Nothin’ but Sky by Braddon Snape was donated to Dungog and is proudly displayed on Dungog’s Hollywood Hill for all to enjoy.

The Sculpture on the Farm 2019 Acquisitive Prize Theatre of the Shadow by Newcastle artist Peter Tilley has been donated to Dungog Shire Council for future public display.  An additional work by Bob Teasdale, Entwined has been donated to the Dungog Common on the outskirts of town, just near the entry to the Common. Gavin Vitullo recently completed a magnificent ephemeral work in the Dungog Common, A Thought is a Ripple is there for you to discover. This initiative was supported by the NSW Government with the support of Create NSW.

Donations of Sculpture to Dungog

Sculpture on the Farm played an integral part in funding the Earth Art Project by Gavin Vitullo at the Dungog Common and the donation of the sculpture Entwined by Bob Teasdale also to the Dungog Common. The Earth Art Project is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.

These projects bring to four the number of sculptures which Sculpture on the Farm has donated for public display in Dungog. It is planned to donate another two sculptures to Dungog for public display following the 2021 ONLINE exhibition, one for the Dungog Common and one for display in Dungog.

A six-day immersion in the Dungog Common by Newcastle Earth Artist, Gavin Vitullo, has resulted in an imposing Ephemeral Sculpture, located in Common Creek, Dungog. Sculpture on the Farm was the recipient of a $3,000 Create NSW Grant which was used in its entirety to engage Gavin to undertake this ephemeral project in early April. This Earth Art Experience at the Dungog Common was supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.

From Gavin’s Vitullo’s journal:

“The objective is as clear as the crisp mountain air of the sprawling Dungog landscape. I am to walk mindfully through the environment, honing my senses toward creating a sympathetic intervention of natural materials. An abundance of fallen wood, running water, static stone and calling birds set the tempo for a responsive Earth Sculpture …

With the support of Create NSW and the Dungog Common this venture has been realised. After a hike and conversation with guide and local biking enthusiast Allen Shrimpton, Vitullo fixed his gaze upon a naturally occurring stone void in the bed of a stream nearby as the catalyst for his creation. One void, one log, one old wooden mallet and one very weathered chisel formed the premise for a poetic response to the surrounding stream and gathering crows. The work titled A Thought is a Ripple rests silently amidst the elements awaiting to be found.”

After a short walk along Common Creek opposite Gate 4 in the Dungog Common, you will encounter “A Thought is a Ripple”.


Dream became reality when Philippa Graham founded the not-for-profit community driven Sculpture on the Farm Inc in 2018. Committed to creating projects that build and nurture community, Philippa gathered a band of Dungog Shire and Sydney friends to deliver the inaugural exhibition on the 2018 October long weekend.

On their cattle property “Fosterton”, Philippa and her husband John, welcomed more than 2000 visitors so that they could take in the splendour of sculpture in a surreal rural landscape.

Sculptors, sightseers, sponsors and sales flourished at “Fosterton”, both in 2018 and 2019. Past sculptures can be seen here.

We hope that you will gain an increased appreciation of the importance of sculpture in the public domain and enjoy the virtual experience of the unique township of Dungog via social media.

Philippa Graham
Chair | Sculpture on the Farm Inc.