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Sarrita King
Sarrita King

‘There is so much beauty in this world and it’s hard to capture it all, but I can try.’

I am 35 years old and live in Darwin, N.T where I spent most of my youth. The Northern Territory continues to be the source of much of my creative inspiration along with the stories my father, the late William King Jungala, shared with me. I  live with my partner, Chad and sons Steele and Grange splitting my time between family and working in the studio. My family has strengthened my desire to share my culture and stories through my art.

In Adelaide South Australia, I was born on March 5 1988. I am daughter of the renowned influential indigenous artist, the late William King Jungala. I am from the Gurindji tribe.

My combinations of styles, philosophies and pictorial story-telling have become characteristic of my work.

‘My works try to capture philosophies and elements of life that everyone can relate to and feel a connection to. This brings the viewer into the artwork and helps… to understand Aboriginal culture.’

Spending my formative years in the harsh and exacting Northern Territory, I was close to the spirit of my people, the Gurindji tribe and daily I felt the degradation, reparation, hope and beauty of a land that was in constant flux, turmoil and renewal.

At the age of 16 I began to paint. The sand hills, lightning, space, direction, mass, torrential rain, fire, rivers of sand – everywhere the inspiration was rife and plentiful. Representing these visually riveting and dramatic Australian icons on canvas was the challenge that I accepted and try to dominate.

Being born as the second daughter to the great indigenous artist William King meant that I and older sister Tarisse were always in the presence of a seemingly omniscient artistic eye that brought even the most mundane of elements into a vibrant and visceral reality that could not be ignored.

‘His openness, life philosophy and storytelling compelled both of us to follow in his footsteps and carry on his legacy through art.’

We often shared great moments of philosophising, extrapolating on ideas and sharing artistic intentions.

‘I think every one of my works has an influence from either an artwork of his (William King) or a story he shared with us.’


Muswellbrook Art Prize Finalist NSW 2023
Wyndham Art Prize Finalist VIC 2022
Deakin Small Sculpture Prize Finalist NSW 2022
National Capital Art Prize Finalist ACT 2022
Sculpture in the Vineyards Finalist NSW 2022

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