Fox and Tree | 2023


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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 170 × 105 × 30 cm
Filter Medium

Metal, Stainless steel





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John Gardner and I first started working together in 2016 when I helped him on a large bronze tree he was commissioned to make. We wanted to do another collaboration on another tree, but this time on a much smaller scale. This new work became Fox and Tree. The tree symbolises grounding and stability, the fox is its little friend providing wisdom, guidance and protection.



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Delivery advice for purchasers: Pack and Send. Installation Advice For purchasers: Place and enjoy


Sculptor Bio

Helena Lillywhite

Helena Lillywhite

Informed by life and nature, my work incorporates the use of light and shadows, positives and negatives and contrasts as a way of expressing a sense of depth and form. I like to show a sense of emotion within my work and find horses and figures are the best way to portray these and often use these as my subject matter.

I often use cast bronze and sheet metal in my artworks, constructed into layers. Previously I worked as a graphic designer, and I often use these techniques as a starting point within my work.

I was born in the UK and graduated from University of Chichester, UK, receiving a BA Honours Degree in Art and Related Arts in which sculpture was my main subject.

I moved to Australia in 1996 and worked as a graphic designer for over 20 years before starting a family of 4 wonderful boys.

In 2016 I worked with artist John Gardner on a commission he was completing. We then collaborated on various other artworks including a sculpture of Juanita Neilsen which was purchased by the City of Sydney in 2018. Since then, I have continued along this creative journey, doing what I love, creating sculptures.

2018- City of Sydney, public collection. Juanita Nielsen Community Centre Woolloomooloo NSW. Collaboration with Sculptor John Gardner.


2021 - Best in Show - Grey Cube Online Gallery
2020 - ASHREI Art Prize and Exhibition - overall winner and winner of the Physically Energised category
2018 - The Roger Fenton Prize winner - Sculpture Concourse Art Space Exhibition


2023 - Sculpture Society W Art Space, Woolloomooloo NSW
2023 - Gippsland Sculpture Exhibition, VIC
2022 - Chan • Art • Sculpture 2022 Nan Tien Sculpture Award, Berkeley NSW
2022 - Les Petit Salon de Sculptures, Q Station Manly NSW
2022 - Sculpture in the Vineyards, Wollombi Valley NSW
2022 - Created at Blenheim House, Randwick NSW
2022 - Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition, Toorak VIC
2022 - International Women’s Day Art Prize, Randwick NSW
2021 - Sculpture Society Concourse Art Space, Chatswood NSW

2021 - Sculptures In the Garden, Mudgee NSW
2021 - Les Sculptures Refusées 2021, Q Station Manly NSW
2021 - Brenda Colahan Fine Art Gallery, Putney NSW
2021 - ARTPark Australia, Walsh Bay Sculpture Walk NSW
2021 - ARTPark Australia, Woolloomooloo Finger Wharf NSW
2021 - Audrey Fine Art, Pyrmont NSW
2021 - Gippsland Sculpture Exhibition, VIC
2021 - Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition, VIC
2020 - Sculpture Society, Chatswood Chase NSW

2020 - Soho Galleries, Woollahra NSW
2020 - ASHREI Art Prize, Woollahra NSW
2020 - Sculpture Society, at the Incinerator Willoughby NSW
2019 - Sculpture Society, Chatswood Chase NSW
2019 - Soho Galleries, Waterloo NSW
2019 - Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition, VIC
2018 - 2019 - ARTPark Australia, Woolloomooloo Finger Wharf NSW
2018 - Sculpture Society, Concourse Art Space Chatswood NSW
2018 - Sculpture Society, Darling Park Sydney NSW
2018 - Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition, VIC
2017-2018 ARTPark Australia, Woolloomooloo Finger Wharf NSW

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