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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 1 × 155 cm
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Can be flat packed.

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Sculptor Bio

Felicity Cavanough plays with wire and loves to wander the streets of her rural hometown Mudgee, in search of great food. After abandoning her shark wrestling post almost 7 years ago from the Eastern Suburbs beaches of Sydney. Constantly lost in daydream and perpetually controlling the rabble of ideas jostling for position in her thoughts. She is enthusiastically obsessed about the kinetic works of Alexander Calder, 19th century Impressionists, playing with paint and attempting to learn new languages. When she is not doing those things, she creates wobbly wire sculptures and teaches people of all ages to do the same.

A visit to her local scrap and steel yard stimulates her visionary process resulting in a car full of treasure of both timber and wire varieties. A Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of New South Wales, she also plays supermum to 3 young offspring and juggles activities, balls and small children. Reflecting everyday moments that occur in her families lives. When you observe the thought put into every twist and curve of wire you will be amazed. “I often work from the skeleton up, researching bone and muscle structure for months before I even consider picking up a piece of wire.”

Felicity was voted amongst her Artist peers as the winner of the 2017 Just Art competition at Gauge Gallery in Sydney and won the Peoples Choice award at the York Festival hay bale challenge in Western Australia in 2017. She regularly exhibits at Garden Sculpture events locally and across the nation.

Felicity's recent works have followed the turmoil and difficulties faced by women in domestic abuse relationships. Each turn of the wire represents thoughts, feelings and stories of these women on a path of hope toward healing. "I hope to create something beautiful from something so harsh". Felicity was a finalist on Bluethumb in 2021, Winner of the Indoor Prize at Sculpture on the Farm 2021, Winner of Wellington Sculpture Festival 2020.

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