Dimensions 120 × 120 × 210 cm


Catalogue number


Villanelle is part of a series of sculptures I am completing for my Masters in Fine Art (Sculpture) at the National Art School in Sydney. They deal with the human desire to explore space.

Catalogue Number: 064




Sculptor Bio

Nigel Dobson

Nigel Dobson

I am interested in the Soviet monuments of eastern Europe constructed in the 50's, 60, and 70's.  I am drawn to their visual language and extract that to create my own sculptures.  I am also informed by science-fiction and outer space.  This enters my work to lend a futuristic element to my work.  I use Corten steel sheets to construct my sculptures and through cutting and welding, I get voluminous shapes that piece together to form the sculpture.

I went to the ANU School of Art and graduated in 2014 with a bachelor of fine art in sculpture.

In 2019 I graduated from the National Art School with a Masters degree in Fine Art (Sculpture)

I grew up in Canberra and after living in Sydney for a number of years I have moved back to Canberra where my studio is located.

Exhibitions and Prizes

Won the Clitheroe Scholarship 2019 - Sculpture by the Sea
Selected as a finalist in Sculpture by the Sea 2019 & 2022

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