You can’t hold me down


Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 27 × 17 × 30 cm
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8 week delay for additional editions



Pack and send. Place and enjoy.

You want me to conform? To be practical? To live according to your rules? To throw away my dreams? To stop living because of the current situation?
I don’t think so!





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Sculptor Bio

Alan Kuczynski

Alan Kuczynski

Each sculpture has a story. Some whimsical, some serious, some sad.

My pieces aren't overly detailed, nor focused on being anatomically accurate. They  display emotion and movement.

I  engage the viewer in asking themselves questions and adding their own life experiences to interpret the sculpture.

I’ve studied with:
OD’A Palestra Artistica – Milan Italy
Boutros Romhein – Carrara Italy

Tom Bass Sculpture School – Sydney
Sydney Sculpture School – Sydney

I’ve been very fortunate to exhibit throughout Australia & Milan, and have my work purchased by collectors in UK, USA, Italy, Malta, Singapore, Switzerland and Australia

I was born in Russia and migrated to Australia when I was 5 years old. I've lived in Perth, Melbourne and for the past 34 years in Sydney.

I began my sculpting journey walking through galleries touching sculptures, especially those that had "do not touch" signs on them. For me, sculptures have always been an incredibly tactile art form that has to be felt as well as seen.

In 2008 I enrolled in a weekend sculpture workshop, and so the journey of creating sculpture began.


People's Choice Award. Sydney Pop UP Gallery 2018.
Artistic Merit Acquisition Prize. Sculptures In The Garden. 2022.

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